Ermal Meta – Uno

Most people outside Italy will know Ermal Meta from being one half of the duo that represented that country at the Eurovision Song Contest of 2018. Fabrizio Moro was the other half. They ended in a decent fifth place, while Toy by Netta won.

With his new single Uno, off the album TribΓΉ Urbana, Meta aims for the top. It’s a big pop song that’ll sound great in a big stadium. It’s easy to imagine a large crowd singing along (especially the tada-da-dada part πŸ˜‰ ). The ridiculously catchy whistle is a smart move as well, just like the acoustic guitar and the infectious drum rhythm.

Sadly, large live concerts are still impossible. Yet, Uno was introduced in a spectacular and innovative way. In three train stations (in Milan, Rome and Naples) a so called β€˜olobox’ was put up in front of a huge led wall. While Meta’s band was to be seen on the big screens, the Albanian-Italian singer himself was projected as a hologram in the olobox. Must have been an impressive experience for the spectators!

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