European Border Breakers Chart 1 June 2018

The European Border Breakers Chart has the precision of a Swiss clock: every Friday around noon a new Top 100 (and accompanying charts) is published, indicating the new European artists that are already gaining traction outside their home countries and may well be on their way to become the new Dua Lipa, Alan Walker or Alice Merton (all of whom popped up in the EBBChart before their big international break-throughs).

This week’s chart counts another 15 fresh tracks among its 21 (re)entries. Are you ready to discover?
#19: Oysang – Go Flex
#43: Cosha – Do You Wanna Dance
#50: Bad Sounds – Evil Powers (pictured)
#58: Sigrid – Yellow
#66: Tracyanne & Danny – Can’t Be Love Unless It Hurts
#70: Blanche – Wrong Turn
#76: Shame – Tasteless
#84: Tracyanne & Danny – Home And Dry
#85: Elias Abbas feat. Hkeem – Bete Dig
#89: Vianni – Antisocial
#90: The Kingdom Choir Collective – Stand By Me
#93: 77:78 – Chilli
#94: Becky & The Birds – Holding On
#97: Cosima – Hymns For Him
#100: Sorry – Showgirl

For the full Top 100, click the β€˜EBBChart’ tab in the top menu of this blog (loading of the PDF may take a little while). More charts, like the Tips (ranking the tracks that are on their way to the Top 100), the Airplay Chart and the Streaming Chart, are available at, where you can also listen to all of the tracks and watch their videos, as well as share them via social media.


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