European Border Breakers Chart 12 October 2018

Ed Sheeran, Drake, and Kanye West (excuse me, Ye) are just some names of artists who managed to have many album tracks in the charts simultaneously, immediately after they released a long player. All of them British or American artists, who built a large worldwide fan base over a career that included multiple albums. European artists have so far a harder time to achieve such a feat, let alone emerging European artists who, according to the chart rules of the European Border Breakers Chart, are only eligible with tracks that are less than two years old, but only if they haven’t released more than one album. Okay, artists like Superorganism and Goat Girl have seen many tracks off their first albums reach the EBBChart over the course of a few months, but not all of them together in the week following the album release.

This week, we greet the exception to the rule: Belgian singer-songwriter Angèle (pictured) dominates the Top 100. Not with many of the tracks off her last week released debut album Brol, but all of its songs are included! And all of them within the Top 65 of the combined EBBChart, which is compiled from airplay and streaming data. The fact that the tracks are in both the separate Airplay Chart and Streaming Chart as well, proves that her music is liked by radio stations and streaming music lovers alike, especially in Belgium (obviously), France, Switzerland and Poland.

Yesterday, when I reviewed her new single Tout Oublier (feat. Roméo Elvis), I wrote ‘Angèle Van Laeken is one of the most successful young artists to have come out of Belgium the past year.’ Today, I must correct that. Angèle is the most successful young artists to have come out of Belgium the past year. And rightfully so, for Brol is a great album, full of radio friendly pop tracks with a twist.

You can find all of this week’s 15 newcomers below:
#4: Sigrid: Sucker Punch
#31: Angèle feat. Roméo Elvis – Tout Oublier
#44: Angèle – Balance Ton Quoi
#47: Alma – Cowboy
#52: Angèle – Ta Reine
#53: Angèle – Nombreux
#56: Angèle – Les Matins
#57: Angèle – Flemme
#60: Angèle – Victime Des Réseaux
#62: Angèle – Flou
#84: Yoana – Da Ne Spim
#89: Fóe – Bouquet De Pleurs
#92: Rimon – Realize
#94: Otha – One Of The Girls
#96: Nana Adjoa – Down At The Root

For the full Top 100, click the ‘EBBChart’ tab in the top menu of this blog (loading of the PDF may take a little while). More charts, like the Tips (ranking the tracks that are on their way to the Top 100), the Airplay Chart and the Streaming Chart, are available at, where you can also listen to all of the tracks and watch their videos, as well as share them via social media.


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