European Border Breakers Chart 19 October 2018

Last weekโ€™s European Border Breakers Chart was nothing less than spectacular. What happened then, was really special and unique. Does that mean that the new, just published Top 100 is a dull one? Hell no!

Looking back to last week one more time, how does record-breaking Belgian singer-songwriter Angรจle fare in this edition of the EBBChart? Very well; even better than last week. 9 out of her 12 album tracks in the combined Top 100 (airplay + streaming) are on their way up. Even more than on the radio, Angรจle appears to be a streaming phenomenon. All of the 12 tracks off her debut album Brol are in the Top 17 of theย Streaming Chart, with half of them populating its Top 10.

This week, 24 tracks leave the chart to make way for the same number of (re)entries. One of the exiting songs is last weekโ€™s #3: Leave A Light On by Tom Walker. Not because it suddenly wasnโ€™t played on the radio or hasnโ€™t been streamed anymore (on the contrary), but because it had been in the Top 100 for 52 weeks. After such a chart run, tracks are automatically removed from the EBBChart, to give other emerging artists a chance to become visible.

Among the 24 newcomers, 9 tracks enter the Top 100 for the first time:
#63: Samra – Roadrunner
#64: Dimaย feat. Teddy Sky – Cruel
#68: Declan J Donovan – Pieces
#71: Halo Maud – Tu Sais Comme Je Suis
#75: Touts – Canโ€™t Blame Me
#76: Superorganism – The Prawn Song
#84: Dodieย feat. Tom Walker – Human
#86: Nicklas Sahl – New Eyes
#96: Gently Tender – 2 Chords Good

For the full Top 100, click the โ€˜EBBChartโ€™ tab in the top menu of this blog (loading of the PDF may take a little while). More charts, like the Tips (ranking the tracks that are on their way to the Top 100), the Airplay Chart and the Streaming Chart, are available at, where you can also listen to all of the tracks and watch their videos, as well as share them via social media.


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