European Border Breakers Chart 2 June 2017

When you’re talking about New Music Friday in the chart world, you’re talking about the European Border Breakers Chart. No other chart is set up to display so many emerging European talents. This week there are 15(!) (re)entries; 15 new acts that managed to break out of their home countries and achieve success on radio stations outside their countries of origin. 15 new artists to watch, because they might as well be the new mega acts of the future.

I’m very glad to see Delv!s, who should have scored big time with Come My Way already, entering at #60 with Sunday Interlude. The same goes for Dagny (pictured) in my opinion. Backbeat was a huge streaming hit, that was only moderately supported by radio across Europe (peaking at #79 in the EBBChart last year). Her new single Wearing Nothing already tops that by starting off at #68 this week. Let me copy/paste this story to Ten Tonnes, whose Silver Heat I liked very much, but who now hits the jackpot with the follow-up Born To Lose, opening this week at #70.

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