European Border Breakers Chart 24 August 2018

Every Friday around noon, we publish a fresh European Border Breakers Chart. Or… multiple charts, to be exact. The main Top 100 indicates cross-border success by emerging European artists and combines airplay and streaming data. But if you wish, you can also check each data stream separately, by viewing the Airplay Chart or the Streaming Chart. It’s fascinating to see the differences.

To give you one example: one of my favourite entries in this week’s chart, former Carte Blanche Music Wildcard King Of The Jungle by Shanguy (pictured), is – shamefully! – not played enough on the radio to reach the Airplay Top 100. However, Polish people love it so much, that the track is at #11 the Streaming Chart. This gives the song enough leverage for it to appear in the combined Top 100. Meanwhile, their debut single La Louze is still #15 at Streaming.

All 10 fresh tracks among this week’s 22 (re)entries are listed below:
#30: Sam Fender – Dead Boys
#74: Lukas Leon – XTC
#87: Yazmin Lacey – Still
#89: Bad Sounds – Couldn’t Give It Away
#90: Emily Burns – Test Drive
#94: Yazmin Lacey – Sun Is Ours
#95: Saint Lanvain – If Jesus Loves Me
#96: Shanguy – King Of The Jungle
#99: Alligator – Shadow By Your Side
#100: Miami Yacine – Kokaina

For the full Top 100, click the β€˜EBBChart’ tab in the top menu of this blog (loading of the PDF may take a little while). More charts, like the Tips (ranking the tracks that are on their way to the Top 100), the Airplay Chart and the Streaming Chart, are available at, where you can also listen to all of the tracks and watch their videos, as well as share them via social media.


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