European Border Breakers Chart 28 April 2017

The European Border Breakers Chart is the youngest chart around. Not only because it was introduced only a year ago, but also because it only features emerging European acts. In this case, β€˜emerging’ means an act may not have put out its first international release longer than two years ago. Songs that are older, cannot enter the chart (but if they are already in when the turn two, they are allowed to stay in). This is the basic rule, along with the fact that only airplay outside the artist’s home country counts towards the EBBChart. All in all a recipe for a very interesting and upfront chart, week after week.

This week, the Top 100 has 13 (re)entries, 6 of which have never been in before. Dua Lipa’s new single Lost In Your Light (feat. Miguel; pictured) was immediately playlisted by EBU radio stations in 13 countries, causing it to enter the chart as high as #26. Plot Twist, the follow-up to Sigrid’s debut hit Don’t Kill My Vibe (still in the Top 10) comes in at #86. Vis Γ  Vie by Calypso Valois has been picked up in Luxembourg and, funnily, in Poland, securing it a #92 entry. Also, I’m glad to see Revolution by Rat Boy checking in at #93. Finally, Jairzinho feat. Sevn Alias, Bko & Boef slip inside at #94 and Izo Fitzroy at #99.

To see all of this week’s 100 positions, click the β€˜EBBChart’ tab in the top menu of this blog (loading of the PDF may take a little while). For more charts (like the Bubbling Under, which ranks the tracks that are on their way to the Top 100), please visit


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