European Border Breakers Chart 5 October 2018

The European Border Breakers Chart is the only chart that highlights cross-border success of emerging European artists. The best way to spot upcoming acts in the early stages of their careers. Whatโ€™s not to like about that for a music lover, radio station or (online) magazine?

This weekโ€™s Top 100 counts 19 (re)entries, 6 of which make their first appearance in our spotlights. Most eye-catching is Grace Carter’s highest entry, of course, but the trivia are further down the chart. How about Rulli Rulli Rulli by ร–ed? Thatโ€™s only the second Estonian act ever to make the EBBChart, thanks to airplay in Poland. And British cellist Sheku Kanneh-Mason scores his third hit, this time with Dmitri Shostakovichโ€™s The Gadfly Suite, Op. 97a: Nocturne. A classical hit in a pop dominated Top 100. French radio plays it, as they did with his first two entries.

All six newbies can be found below:
#15: Grace Carter – Why Her Not Me
#51: Oscar Jerome – Do You Really
#59: Another Sky – Chillers
#74: ร–ed – Rulli Rulli Rulli
#89: Viito – Bella Come Roma
#95: Sheku Kanneh-Mason – The Gadfly Suite, Op. 97a: Nocturne

For the full Top 100, click the โ€˜EBBChartโ€™ tab in the top menu of this blog (loading of the PDF may take a little while). More charts, like the Tips (ranking the tracks that are on their way to the Top 100), the Airplay Chart and the Streaming Chart, are available at, where you can also listen to all of the tracks and watch their videos, as well as share them via social media.


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