Eva No – 100%

In 2019, Swedish songwriter Eva Nordell launched an artist career under the moniker Eva No. Only a few months after her debut EP History Of Now, she puts out the brand new song 100%. It highlights someone going all-in with love. Musically, it’s a camp track with big drums, handclaps and an overall ‘90s pop sound. In fact, it’s got ‘Eurovision’ written all over it in big blinking red neon letters.

To Popmuzik blog she revealed the writing process: “This song has come about just like all my songs. I get a melody in my head and if I’m lucky, it’s followed by a snippet of text that I can then build on. I always try to finish the whole song in my head before I record it. Should I forget the melody, that’s just a proof it’s not strong enough, haha. So then I have to start all over again.”

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