Evie Irie – Bleed

Evie Irie is an Aussie native who released three EP’s (5 Weeks In LA, The Optimist and The Pessimist) in just two years’ time. Her two most recent songs are on neither of them, so hopefully EP #4 is on its way.

Bleed is Evie Irie’s new single. It’s cleverly produced by Dutch-born, Sydney-based Louis Schoorl (who worked with 5 Seconds Of Summer, Delta Goodrem, De La Soul, The Veronicas and many others), and Xavier Dunn (Amen Mustang, Slum Sociable, Sarah Wolfe and others). The track features one of those gorgeous walking basslines that are getting more and more (back) into fashion. Another absolutely catchy feat is the stadium-ready ‘la-la-la’ part, which brings Self Esteem by The Offspring to mind. In the chorus, her singing style (reminiscent of Lizzo’s Juice) shows she’s a girl with attitude.

EnigmaOnline’s description (‘she strikes a balance between the wild sonic bliss of Willow and classic Gwen Stefani ‘Just A Girl’ energy’) is spot on.

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