Express Therapy – I Knew

Best friends Jules BΓ©dat and Dimitri Schweizer started making music together at the age of 15. After playing in an alternative rock band and as an experimental lo-fi duo, the two formed Express Therapy. They now produce what they call β€˜nostalgic pop’. With the help of analogue synthesizers, lots of chorus and vocal harmonies, they mix a vintage β€˜80s sound with modern influences. For fans of The Weeknd.

Express Therapy only released its first EP Twenty Something in July 2020. For their upcoming sophomore EP Prom Party Nostalgia Vol. 1, they first recorded demos in their bedrooms in Brussels. Then, the duo isolated themselves in a wooden cabin in Switzerland to finish the songs. Clearing their minds from everything that was happening (mostly pandemic wise) allowed them to fully focus on writing and recording. This escape from reality is exactly what they want their fans to experience when listening to the six tracks on the forthcoming EP.

Starting 5 November, these tracks will be released one by one on the first Friday of every month. If first single I Knew is anything to go by, I’ll mark these Fridays in my agenda.

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