Farmer & Friends (feat. Zuzu) – Wanna Be With You

I’d love to give you some interesting background information about Farmer & Friends’ debut single Wanna Be With You. Alas, this project is so new (apparently), that nothing is to be found about it. They haven’t uploaded a biography on the streaming services yet and I dare you to find their socials. If you happen to stumble upon them, please let me know and I’ll add them to this post.

That leaves us with the song, which is the most important thing in the first place. Wanna Be With You is an infectious, driving rock song, full of hooks and melodies, both vocally and musically. It’s even got a good old guitar solo. I don’t find it hard to imagine this being played by radio stations who are a bit more adventurous than most of their colleagues.

So, no need for Farmer & Friends to be shy. It’s time for them to step into the light. Wanna Be With You is a great way to start a career, but it might be useful if gatekeepers were able to reach out.

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