Fear Of Tigers – Tiger Blood

Do I look at the wrong places, or is this the most overlooked song of the last week? Criminally overlooked, I might add. Tiger Blood by Fear Of Tigers is a banger, and apparently, I’m the first to tell you. So please, take my word for it. Or even better: listen on your preferred platform via the widget below, and listen for yourself.

Don’t let the 20-second intro, which sounds like a jingle company demo, fool you. Just wait for the synths to kick in, immediately followed by a vocal sample that spells e-a-r-w-o-r-m. No mention of its origin, alas. All and all, Tiger Blood is one of those irresistible β€˜80s-influenced pop-dance tracks. Great for working out in the gym (I suppose). For reference, think Call On Me by Eric Prydz.

Fear Of Tigers has been the artist name of Benjamin Berry for over 10 years now. Besides that, he collaborated with people like Ellie Goulding, Max Richter, Leann Rimes and Kylie Minogue. Tiger Blood is the second single from his forthcoming same-titled album, which will be out later in the year.

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