Ferraro – Sugar Rush [2021 Remix]

Whatโ€™s Ferraro? The plural form of Ferrari? โ€˜With which one of our Ferraro will I drive to the supermarket this afternoon?โ€™. Nope. Itโ€™s an aptly named Toronto-based band, comprised of sibling trio Cosmo (guitar), Tallyย (bass) and Gianni Ferraroย (drums). All three of them perform vocal duties as well. Recently signed by a major label, theyโ€™re currently working on a 6-track EP, co-written and produced by alt-pop duoย The Darcys.

Originally released in October 2020, they just re-released their single Sugar Rush. A new mix of the track, to be precise. Oddly, the 2021 version has been removed from the bandโ€™s Spotify profile, but it can still be found on the platform via this link. As you can hear, Sugar Rush is an energetic, radio-friendly pop-rock song.

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