Ferraro – Sugar Rush [2021 Remix]

What’s Ferraro? The plural form of Ferrari? β€˜With which one of our Ferraro will I drive to the supermarket this afternoon?’. Nope. It’s an aptly named Toronto-based band, comprised of sibling trio Cosmo (guitar), TallyΒ (bass) and Gianni FerraroΒ (drums). All three of them perform vocal duties as well. Recently signed by a major label, they’re currently working on a 6-track EP, co-written and produced by alt-pop duoΒ The Darcys.

Originally released in October 2020, they just re-released their single Sugar Rush. A new mix of the track, to be precise. Oddly, the 2021 version has been removed from the band’s Spotify profile, but it can still be found on the platform via this link. As you can hear, Sugar Rush is an energetic, radio-friendly pop-rock song.

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