Feu! Chatterton – Zoé

This weekend, during a music festival in Verdun (near my holiday destination in north-east France) I saw a gig by French band Feu! Chatterton. When I tell you they named themselves after the 18th century poet Thomas Chatterton, who committed suicide at the age of 17, you won’t be surprised poetry and drama are important parts of the band’s music and overall performance. These ingredients, combined with elements of pop, rock, funk, spoken word and of course French chansons, define their sound. Highly recommended to go and see live when you get the chance.

This week’s concert wasn’t the first time I heard of the band. I already liked the early single La Malinche from their first eponymous EP in 2014, and a year later, I played their single Boeing in my then radio show Carte Blanche. Last spring, the 5-man band released their second full length album L’oiseleur, but new single Zoé is a brand new song altogether. Not totally representative of their sound and live dynamics, but a fine introduction all the same!

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