Findlay – Night Sweats

2020 was a busy year for singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Natalie Rose Findlay. She released multiple singles and an album with Ttrruuces, a new project with her long-time collaborator Jules Apollinaire. Meanwhile, the two worked on her sophomore album as Findlay. That record, The Last Of The 20th Century Girls, will be out on 13 May.

Last year, she released the singles Life Is But A Dream and Strange One ahead of the album. Night Sweats is their follow-up. Drenched in synth sounds and driving beats, it’s an immediately appealing track. Inspired by β€˜80s new wave music, it’s charming and cheerful.

Findlay says about it:Β β€œNight Sweats came to me in a kind of stoned fever dream. I was on holiday in Lisbon when the riff just came into my head and I was wandering around my Airbnb singing it for ages, then when we got home and came to put down the riff it sounded miles better faster. It was a pretty instant decision then to make it more ’80s sounding as the riff lent itself to that in a big way.”

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