First Beige – Not Gonna Feel The Way You Asked For

When I think about music from Australia, jazz is not the first genre that springs to mind. My bad, and First Beige proves me wrong.

Since starting in 2016 as the bedroom-recording project of founding member David Versace, the band has come a long way. In 2020, First Beige is a six-piece. They draw upon jazzy colours, funky bass lines, textural synth layers and interwoven vocal harmonies, backed by driving house rhythms. An infectious live act, their high energy set is full of extended improvised sections. It’s groovy, baby!

The band’s new single Not Gonna Feel The Way You Asked For started as an improvisational jam session as well. Versace explains: β€œI set up a drum loop and had Marley (bass) and Josh (keys) jam over it. A couple of months later I found the session on my computer and started mucking around with it and structuring it a bit and in no time had a rough demo of the song,” he said. β€œWe had our friend Curtis come and track some trumpet one afternoon and also my housemate Kerry from Pink Matter sing on it. I took it to the band and recorded some final drum/percussion parts then handed it over to Oscar for the mixing and sent it off for mastering…”

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