Fixkes – Dardennen

Usually, Dutch people have hardly any problem understanding people from Flanders. Some Belgian dialects however are just too different. Even though the band Fixkes are from just across the border, the dialect of their home town Stabroek sounds like it’s from another planet to us. Who spends just a little more time understanding it however, hears this is a very funny song. Basically, it’s about buying a house in the beautiful Ardennen region. Luckily, music is a universal language. Dardennen is a great, groovy pop tune, with a touch of hip hop, some scratching, an organ, and a banjo.

Sam Valkenborgh and his band Fixkes came to prominence with their debut single Kvraagetaan (2007). It spent no less than 16 weeks at #1 in the Belgian charts. Obviously, they’re never going to top that. But instead of throwing in the towel, they continued making music. Dardennen is the first taste of Fixkes’ upcoming fourth album IV, due out on 18 September. Expect β€˜90s style music, with nods to the likes of Pavement, Beastie Boys, and Cake. Very promising…

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