Fletcher Gull – Heaven Is Around The Corner

Comparing rising Aussie artist Fletcher Gull with The Beatles may be early days. But listen to his new single, and you’ll understand what I mean to say…

Heaven Is Around The Corner sounds like multiple songs combined. The first half is a dreamy, David Bowie-esque part. Around the 2 minute mark however, the dream comes to an end abruptly, as if the studio had a melt-down during the recording. What follows, is a richer – and totally different – song. A happy piano, warm bass and horns are added with a euphoric effect.

One can only hope that in 2021 people have the patience to wait for a song to evolve like this. Even if they do, this track may need a few listens. Once the penny has dropped, you’ll be thankful you did. This is a gem.

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