Foxes – Sister Ray

Sister Ray is a legendary record store in London (worth your visit!), named after a lengthy Velvet Underground song. Now, it’s also the title of Foxes’ new single but sonically, it couldn’t be further away from the VU track.

Coming from Foxes, Sister Ray is a euphoric, carefree dance tune, that sounds like it’s been heavily influenced by Robyn. And that, my friends, is never a bad thing. Drenched in pulsating synths, this banger will most certainly have you put on your dancing shoes.

Foxes, real name Louisa Rose Allen, says of the single: “Sister Ray came from a wild part of me during lockdown that was craving a night of freedom and fun again, a longing to let go. The Velvet Underground reference is a nod to describing the most debauched night you could ever imagine but in its spirit it’s a celebration of the people you can have those indescribable times with. I wanted to encapsulate that energy in a song so I could imagine that feeling forever.”

Sister Ray is the first taster of Foxes’ third album The Kick, due for release on 11 February 2022.

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