Friday – Hey Mama

Friday are a talented new band from the Netherlands, consisting of Koen Brouwer and Quintin Huigen. They first met at the conservatory of Amsterdam in 2010. In the years that followed, both played in the bands of their friends while working hard at their day-jobs. Now, after years of relentless 9-5, the two are ready to break the treadmill, and live their dreams. Early this year, they eventually formed their own band Friday.

The duo’s first single 21 was met with critical acclaim and playlisted by several nation-wide radio stations. I’m certain this follow-up will do even better. Hey Mama is as funky as it’s catchy, not in the least thanks to the ‘Hey, hey, hey’ part, that sounds a little like Alice Cooper’s Hey Stoopid.

Friday are set to release their debut EP later this year. It’s produced by Cenzo Townshend, the legendary sound engineer who worked with U2, Snow Patrol, Kings Of Leon and many others before.

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