Fyfe & Iskra Strings – Gold

Fyfe is 27-year-old singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Paul Dixon, and Iskra Strings is violinist James Underwoodโ€™s group of string players, who enjoy making music together regardless of genre. Earlier this year, the two combined forces on the Fyfe & Iskra Strings EP 1.

Ahead of a second EP of original material, expected later this year, they just released a new collaborative single: Gold. Effortlessly incorporating elements of the electronic and classical worlds, itโ€™s a pop song with a silken edge.

Fyfe says about the song: โ€œGold was conceived whilst thinking about the idea that flaws are beautiful too. I’d heard about the Japanese technique of repairing pottery called “kingsugi”, where gold is applied in the repair on the cracks. This not only restores but often elevates the beauty, creating something even more precious and most importantly unique. Gold applies this to a relationship.โ€

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