Genes – Super Single

In recent times, the funky, slapping bass made its full return in pop music. We’ve got the comeback of β€˜80s influenced disco to thank for that. As you could’ve guessed, here’s another one!

If you’re into the likes of Carly Rae Jepsen and Dagny, do yourself the favour to listen to Genes as well. Only four singles into her career, she already sounds like one of the revelations of Australian pop. Her fourth track so far is easily her best. It’s a Super Single. But that’s not what the song is about.

She says: β€œIt’s fun, it’s not taking itself seriously, and it’s carefree – exactly how my life has been the last year. I’ve had the best 12 months of my life, and they’ve been spent completely single. I love having crushes and mutual fun with no commitment. I love the independence.”

With its punchy beat, groovy rhythms, and electronic touches, Super Single by Genes is an infectious and upbeat ditty. Sure to make even the stiffest amongst us move.

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