Gin Wigmore – HBIC

After 10 years, New Zealand artist Gin Wigmore freed herself from, as she puts it, โ€˜the restraints of a major labelโ€™. She explains: “Iโ€™m not here to bash or belittle the story that is my past, as I had a very cool rideโ€ฆ for the most part. I am just really happy to be in a new chapter where Iโ€™m the HBIC.โ€

HBIC is also the title of Wigmoreโ€™s rocking new single. It stands for Head Bitch In Charge. In her own words: โ€œThis is a chapter that presents a true freedom with time, subject, implementation and expectation for my music.โ€

Now that she has complete control, she decided to release a new song roughly every six weeks. Since the start of this scheme, last Spring, HBIC is her fifth single. Itโ€™s a raucous celebration of her new-found freedom. And by the sound of it, Wigmore isnโ€™t prepared to ever give it up again.

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