Glades – Limbo

Glades are vocalist Karina Savage and multi-instrumentalists/producers Joey Wenceslao and Cam Robertson. They met at high school in Sydney and officially formed the band in 2015. After collecting their early singles on the 2016 mini-album This Is What It’s Like, they released their first full-length To Love You in 2018.

The trio are currently preparing the release of their sophomore album Planetarium. It was originally slated to be put out last summer, but has been postponed to 30 April. In the meantime, the band keep giving us tracks ahead of it. Limbo is the sixth single preceding a long-player that can already be seen as their second ‘best of’ compilation 😉.

Limbo combines old-school guitar licks with tight beats and catchy vocal melodies, so there’s something to like for everyone. If you love the sound of breaking glass, this one’s for you too!

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