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Only a week ago, I introduced you to Good Health Good Wealth via their debut single Love Hangover. Only a week later, British singer Bruce Breakey and Lithuanian guitarist/producer Simon Kuzmicas release a follow-up. And it’s equally strong and intriguing.

I can imagine it may be annoying for bands to be compared to other artists. But especially in the case of new acts, it can help to explain the public what to expect. You can trust me to only make comparisons that are really there (in my ears, at least πŸ˜‰ ). Love Hangover for instance, reminded me of Hard-Fi. A sure shot, I thought, for that band’s front man Richard Archer co-wrote and produced the single. However, this new single was co-written and produced by Archer as well, but it has a totally different sound. It’s an ethereal track with moody guitars, and lyrics sung in a The Lottery Winners kind of style.

Sounds like Good Health Good Wealth are a band that’s not easy to pigeon-hole. Cheers to that!

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Discussions — 7 Responses

  • Tracie Breakey maart 17th, 2021 on 12:22 PM

    This is great what you’ve written here and how strange you heard the Hard Fi influence from Rich Archer. Especially like the final paragraph about not being easy to pigeon hole as wait until you hear other tracks they’re just that and such great songs

    • Werner Schlosser Tracie Breakey maart 17th, 2021 on 8:50 PM

      Thanks for your comment Tracie! You’ve heard some more songs of theirs already? That makes me even more curious πŸ˜‰ . I’ll keep a keen eye (and ear) out for them!

    • Werner Schlosser Tracie Breakey maart 17th, 2021 on 8:52 PM

      Ah, wait, you must be family of Bruce, haha, now I understand πŸ™‚

  • Tracie Breakey april 2nd, 2021 on 4:44 PM

    He’s my son so me and his Dad get to hear him making the songs in his bedroom and then the finished results, there are so many great songs to come and thanks for you support and understanding of what they are about

    • Werner Schlosser Tracie Breakey april 2nd, 2021 on 6:22 PM

      It must be a treat to hear him turn his ideas into proper songs. Can’t wait for more… Have a great Easter weekend!

  • Tracie Breakey mei 7th, 2021 on 4:38 PM

    Good Health Good Wealth new EP Rich out today

    • Werner Schlosser Tracie Breakey mei 7th, 2021 on 4:42 PM

      Hi Tracie, thanks for the heads up! I found it and will listen a.s.a.p.


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