Gordi – Unready [aO2Sk Mix]

26 June, Gordi will release her sophomore album Our Two Skins. For the record: Gordi is Sophie Payten. She’s from Australia, like so many recommended artists on this blog.

Unready is the fourth song to be unveiled ahead of the album. The aO2Sk Mix, especially, is tastefully produced around Gordi’s emotive voice. Featuring prominent drums and vocal samples, it’s an electro-organic pop tune, reminiscent of Haim. Co-producers John Congleton, Chris Messina, and Zach Hanson did a lovely job! Lyrically, it’s about being caught off-guard by your life while you stand in the middle of it.

This track is made for the radio. But if I were you, I’d put it on my own playlist as well, just to be sure.

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