Gorgeous – Divine

With a band named Gorgeous and a single titled Divine, you can wait for the smart wordplay. Weโ€™ll come to that later, but letโ€™s start at the beginningโ€ฆ

Singer and songwriter Marรญe Louise and producer and multi-instrumentalist Murga are Gorgeous. Oh wait, that one came too earlyโ€ฆ Let me rephrase. Gorgeous are singer and songwriter Marรญe Louise and producer and multi-instrumentalist Murga. The Copenhagen-based duo met three years ago, and write and record all their music as a team.

They self-released their first single Divine in late August 2021. The right song at the wrong time, amidst the traditional tsunami of post summer releases by other artists. However, it did draw the attention of a proper record label. Not only did it decide to sign the duo and re-release their awesome debut, they also commanded a beautiful video to go with it. This adds greatly to the trackโ€™s atmosphere: gentle and introverted, yet fresh and charming. And itโ€™s about a very relatable subject, as well.

Marรญe Louise says about it: โ€œFalling in love easily seems like a veil of euphoria, happiness and fascination. But at the same time, itโ€™s a personal invitation into the life of a complete stranger – and the other way around – where you eventually will have to face each otherโ€™s story and what it holds of peculiarities, weaknesses, misfortune and tragedy. Divine is about that total surrender. About showing the good and the bad sides when you bump into that โ€˜one in a millionโ€™ true love.โ€

All in all, Divine is gorgeous and Gorgeous is divine (you may shoot me now).

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