Gr8Scott – Won’t Be Drinking

‘Great Scott!’ used to be an iconic expression in the legendary ‘80s blockbuster movie ‘Back To The Future’. In 2021 however, it gets a whole different meaning. From now on, when hearing this phrase, you’ll be thinking of 19-year-old Elias Nielsen from Denmark, who just started his musical career as Gr8Scott.

Won’t Be Drinking is the Copenhagen-based newcomer’s very first release. A fuzzy alternative pop tune celebrating the party by an artist who doesn’t drink alcohol. In Elias’ own words: I’m not a big party guy but I love to hang out with people and just have fun, and like everyone there is more than welcome to get drunk. I just don’t need it to have a good time, and I would hate not to be in control of myself so yeah, no from me. I just wanna have a good time.”

Somewhere halfway disco and soul, it contains a groovy bass, synth-organs and playful guitars. For a debut single, it sounds remarkably confident. Perhaps that’s because he wrote (on his grandad’s old electric organ), recorded and produced it all by himself. Or because he was signed by the world’s largest record company before even releasing a single note of music.

Now, all Gr8Scott needs to do is live up to the promise. For my part, I’m confident he will.

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