Gracie Abrams – Friend

Never heard of LA singer-songwriter Gracie Abrams? Then you’re probably not on Instagram. The 21-year-old has over 310.000 followers on the platform, including Billie Eilish. Also, her five singles so far have been streamed over 90 million times globally. Time to catch up if you hadn’t already.

Minor is Abrams’ first EP. It contains her three latest singles and four new songs. Each of the seven tracks on this collection of breakup songs sounds like a page out of her diary. The lyrics are raw and personal in an introspective way, with heartbreak as their central theme.

Friends is her new single. Musically, it’s stripped back to the point the lyrics stand out even more. β€˜And I hate the way you love me / And I hate that I still care’.Β Haven’t we all been there?

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