Greta – Vibrant

Since its introduction in 1983, Yamahaโ€™s DX7 has become one of the best-selling synthesizers in history. It defined the sound of โ€˜80s pop music. Instead of bothering to program their own sounds, most artists simply used the instrumentโ€™s presets. Its piano preset is probably the most famous, as itโ€™s been used in many power ballads. Think of Whitney Houston, Chicago and Phil Collins, and I bet you can hear the sound in your head.

Another popular DX7 preset was the bass. You can hear it in songs like Madonnaโ€™s Whoโ€™s That Girl, Take On Me by a-ha and Kool & The Gangโ€™s Fresh. And now, a brand-new track has been built around it as well: Vibrant by Greta Louise Schenk. Sheโ€™s a German, Copenhagen-based singer, professionally known as Greta.

Vibrant is her first single since the 2020 release of her debut album Ardent Spring. The track is a shimmering slice of electro-pop, which sounds as if it were recorded in the โ€˜80s. You can thank (or blame) the DX7 for that. The lyrics are no less melancholic. Greta explains: โ€œVibrant is about two people who love each other and spend the lockdown together. It is about the feeling of reality becoming a blur, about losing sense of time, becoming restless and longing for something more. Something more from each other but from life too.โ€œ

The songs ends with a spoken part in German; a nod to Gretaโ€™s roots and the missing of her family.

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