Gretta Ray – Bigger Than Me

After experimenting with the concept before, Gretta Ray has now announced a series of โ€˜Duologiesโ€™. These are two songs released simultaneously, with the same theme, but sonically different. A bit like good old double A-sided singles. The first Duology, her first release of 2021, consists of the songs Bigger Than Meย andย Readymade.

Ray says about the concept: โ€œWhen I write a song, I often find itโ€™s in response to something that Iโ€™ve already written about, whether that be a week or a year ago. Bigger Than Me and Readymade are both songs about my relationship with creativity, which is something that I can become very obsessive about, especially since Iโ€™ve found myself on that path, completely immersed in it, collaborating with a lot of like-minded people.โ€

Readymade is an intimate, reflective song, but Bigger Than Me is my favourite. In line with its title, itโ€™s a big, upbeat, glossy indie-pop song. Itโ€™s got delicious drum fills and a climax thatโ€™s backed by a string section.

Gretta Ray is a Melbourne-based singer-songwriter. She won prestigious airplay and songwriting awards at just 18, and Bigger Than Me is a great radio-friendly composition as well. Another winner!

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