Harper Bloom – Walk My Way

Is there something in the water in Australia? I don’t know, but there’s a whole generation of great new artists coming up at the moment. Most of them females, by the way. Harper Bloom is one of the most recent additions to this bunch. She’s a singer-songwriter who was born in Perth, but is currently Melbourne-based.

Bloom’s songs deal with issues like vulnerability, same-sex love, and self-acceptance. Multi-instrumentalist/producer Benjamin McCarthy (Alex The Astronaut, Gordi, G-Flip) is an ideal musical partner. He turns her disarming indie-folk tunes into catchy pop songs. Late July, Harper Bloom will release her debut EP Faith, Sex And Skin.

Walk My Way is only her second single. According to a press release, it revolves around β€˜the sense of self-doubt that tends to accompany a one-sided crush’. β€œI think Walk My Way applies to anyone who feels like they’re not good enough for someone, whether that’s due to wealth, looks, gender, etc.”, she adds. β€œAs the song unfolds, it reveals that learning to overcome self-doubt is important, because there are beautiful people in this world who see through all those superficial things and choose to love you, despite the judgement of others.”

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