Harts – Hope

Darren Hart, from Melbourne, Australia, can be described as a ‘one-man music-making machine’. He writes all of his songs himself, plays all of the instruments, and produces and records it all in his bedroom studio. Harts was discovered by Prince, who flew him to his Paisley Park Studios to jam with him. No wonder. Just listen to the funky rock sound of tracks like Lovers In Bloom, Breakthrough and All Rise (Play It Cool), that brought him his first airplay and live success.

Now, he is back with the first single off his upcoming second album Smoke Fire Hope Desire (to be released in Europe on 24 March). The song marks a switch to a more mid-tempo sound, combining funk with rap and laidback Electric Light Orchestra-kinda strings. But just when you think Harts has gone all mellow, he throws in one of his trade mark guitar solos…


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