Hedda Mae – Rhythm To Myself

Hedda Mae tracks have been on the Carte Blanche Music playlist for a few years in a row now, and her new single only affirms our fandom. Many of her contemporaries indulge in self-pity and produce emo-core or dark-pop in their bedrooms. But this rising talent from Norway has chosen a more cheerful path.

So far, Hedda and her collaborator Benjamin Giรธrtz wrapped her tunes in a nu-disco sound. New single Rhythm To Myself however leans more towards the โ€˜90s. Its Eric Prydz-like pumping beat almost drowns in epic synths, while sound effects, cowbells and funky guitars lighten it up.

Hedda calls the track โ€˜an in your face bop about being done wasting time on people who lower your spirits, when all you wanna do is have fun – and danceโ€™. She adds: โ€œWho says weโ€™re dependent on others to have a good time? With Rhythm To Myself, the quirkiness and playfulness in the Hedda Mae universe are taken to a new level. Not everything has to be so serious all the time!โ€

Following Introducing: Hedda Mae and The Early Struggles Of A Late Millennial, sheโ€™ll complete her planned trilogy of EPโ€™s this autumn. Also, a full album is on its way.

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