Hemliga Klubben – Asshole

Most people reading this won’t understand a word of this track, apart from its title. However, music is an international language, that can also be enjoyed when you don’t get the lyrics. Let me introduce to you: Hemliga Klubben (which means ‘the secret club’) from Sweden.

Hemliga Klubben features four talented songwriters, who met in 2017 during a songwriter session in a music studio. A year later, they formed a band. All of the members are involved in every aspect of the song crafting process, and they sing alternately on their tunes. Musically, most of the tracks they write and produce are energetic and up-tempo. Just listen to their new single Asshole for an example.

I’m sure Hemliga Klubben are huge Pet Shop Boys fans, like me. This could explain why Asshole’s chorus sounds very much like the Boys’ banger Pandemonium, off their 2009 album Yes.

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