Hezen – Bring Your Alibi

London-based singer-songwriter and producer Sara Hezen grew up outside of Paris. With Caribbean, Tamil, and Jewish blood running through her veins, her family history is coloured with narratives of displacement, resistance, and resilience. This heritage, as well as artists like BjΓΆrk, Massive Attack, Sia, James Blake, and Lana Del Rey, were of big influence on her song-writing. Hezen produces is dark electronic pop that fuses experimentalism with a canny ear for epic and infectious hooks.

Her new single Bring Your Alibi was inspired by the #MeToo campaign. Hezen says it had a profound effect on her. β€œIt felt like an incredible shift – I remember feeling so much admiration for the people who found the courage to tell their story. I was inspired to channel that resilience and courage – it’s like a feminist retelling of David vs. Goliath.”

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