High Contrast – Love On A 45

Remember Shakin’ Stevens, kids? Probably not 😉 . So I won’t ask you about his manager… Anyway: the manager of the Welsh rock ‘n’ roll singer has a son: Lincoln Barrett, who is better known as remixer and drum & bass producer High Contrast.

This century, so far, High Contrast released one or more singles almost every year. And he is gaining ever more mainstream success, with his latest singles even hitting daytime radio playlists.

Recently, he dropped his 6th album Night Gallery, including the singles Shotgun Mouthwash, Questions and The Beat Don’t Feel The Same. But the best of them, I think, is Remind Me, which includes a fragment of Aretha Franklin’s 1965 single One Step Ahead.

Another one of my favourites on High Contrast’s album is an equally (northern) soulful affair: Love On A 45, which seems to have been inspired by an old record as well. However, he claims not to have used any direct samples on this album, instead recreating everything that might sound familiar. Anyway, this sounds like a hit to me!


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