Hollydays – Minuit (La Baie Noire)

Hollydays are Elise Preys and Sรฉbastien Delage, a pop duo from Paris. Seven years ago, they came together in high school. At first, they were playing covers, but in 2012, they started writing their own songs as Hollydays. Pop songs, that is, by its original meaning, being โ€˜popularโ€™. The band love melodies that everyone can sing, all together. Their musical vision: a good melody can make the difference.

After releasing a single and three EPs over the years, Hollydays have finally put out their debut album Hollywood Bizarre. Four of their old songs are on it, next to nine new ones. Iโ€™m particularly fond of Minuit (La Baie Noire). A Vive La Fรชte kind of electronic pop song with great instrumentation and catchy vocals. Frencher than French.

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