Holy Fuck (feat. Nicholas Allbrook) – Free Gloss

17 January 2020, Toronto quartet Holy Fuck release their new albumΒ Deleter. If the first two singles are anything to go by, it will be a star-studded affair. Last September’s Luxe was a collaboration with Hot Chip’s Alexis Taylor, and new song Free Gloss features former Tame Impala bassist and current Pond frontman Nicholas Allbrook. It’s a genre-defying track, which blends krautrock and electronic music with psychedelic elements.

Holy Fuck say about it: β€œOur music can be dark and pummeling at times, unrelenting even. Free Gloss was designed as a way for us to shed some light, and bring some bliss and buoyancy to the table whilst still maintaining that ecstatic energy and intensity that we love. We started tinkering with the main riff and structure on this one as an idea to take the listener on a euphoric sonic journey and explore the push/pull, tension and release you can take people with on the dance floor.”

But of course the best way to enjoy music is not to read about it, but to listen to it.

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