Hope D – Second

Hope Defteros is a 20-year-old singer-songwriter from Brisbane, Australia. During high school, she released three albums under her full name. Since then, a lot has changed. Her debut single as Hope D, Swim, landed her the Qmusic Emerging Artist Award, last year. It also led to various festival performances, as well as sold-out headline shows in her hometown.

Hope Dโ€™s sophomore track is aptly-titled Second. Now with a full band behind her, it’s an edgy, pulsing track with driving guitars, whirling synths, and angsty vocals. Or, to put it short and snappy: itโ€™s an indie pop-rock banger.

“Secondย isย about a period of time in my life where I was going out partying too frequently and not being able to recall much from the night before”, Hope D explains. “It emphasises the thought of wanting to have a good time for at least a second. But I was doing this for so many ‘seconds’, that the time added up to what felt like years of forgotten nights.”

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