Hotel (feat. Obi Ill Terrors) – Loose Change

Andrew Tudehope, from Sydney, made music under a string of monikers and pseudonyms before. He used to be known as Archie Buck & His Kick Ons Crew, Lars & The Never Ending Journey Of Friendship, Paper Squared, Afternoon Jack & His Pumpkin Patch, What About Yellow? and Topsi Turvi. In other words: he isn’t new to the music scene. His latest musical project is simply called Hotel. That name was drawn from his years working as a porter in one of Sydney’s finest hotels.

Loose Change is only Hotel’s debut single. With its crunchy guitars, new wave synths and hip hop beats it’s best described as glam-pop. Gorillaz fans are sure to love this. The song was produced by Billy Gunns and features a verse by Obi Ill Terrors. Both are childhood friends of Tudehope’s and established hip hop artists. Another close friend, Nick Hutt from the band Johnny Hunter, provided some of the backing vocals.

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