I Wear* Experiment – Almere

I Wear* Experiment are an electro-pop trio from Tallinn, Estonia, consisting of Johanna EenmaHando Jaksi, and Mikk Simson. They felt the punch and aggressiveness in their genre has gone missing over time and decided to bring that back. This resulted in a sound that leans towards experimentation and cinematic soundscapes. The band cites Chvrches’ edgy big banger beats and Florence & The Machine’s graceful vocals among their influences.

Almere is I Wear* Experiment’s new single. An intriguing title. Not only because it’s named after the Dutch city of Almere (I presume)(*), but also because the title isn’t mentioned in the song’s lyrics at all. Nevertheless it’s a great synth-pop song!


(*) After posting the above blog, I Wear* Experiments Hando Jaksi sent me this explanation:
“Thank you for the good words. Why the song is called Almere – We had just finished our tour in Asia, started the European leg of the album tour and had some free days in between the concerts. Our manager lives in Almere and offered us to stay at his place for a few days. So, coming from weeks of heavy scheduled touring in places where many people don’t speak any English and there are always little difficulties here and there, the few days off were like a spa treatment for us. All we had to do was to eat, sleep & see the local sights. 
It was also the first time after a long period when I could sit behind a table and create some music which is much more enjoyable than trying to do it mid-flight somewhere over China. So, sitting behind our manager’s kitchen table, the song Almere was created (I named all the new song ideas with the name of the city we currently were). 
The first time we had the chance to try out the song was on big festival in Vietnam named Monsoon Music Festival and it seemed to work well for the 10.000 people there. And when choosing songs for the new release, Almere was one of the first favourites of us all. 
The song itself is pretty dark & gloomy and that actually was not the emotion we got from the time we spent in Almere but in a way, at least for us, the contrast works.”

Thanks for making this clear Hando!

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