Ida Laurberg – Personal Letters

When Danish DIY artist Ida Laurberg self-released her debut single Puppy Dog Eyes in 2016, she was only 16 years old. The song went viral and has now been streamed over 15 million times. It made Laurberg one of the most critically acclaimed DIY pop stars-to be in Denmark. You can imagine several major labels have been chasing her autograph. For a record deal, that is. But instead, she started her own label All Chemistry with her manager. Small on the one hand, but with big – international – ambitions on the other.

So, five years into her career, her new single is once again self-released, just like the one that started it all. β€œI have never written a happy song”, the songwriter claimed recently. She still hasn’t. New song Personal Letters is a hard-hitting track that fuses dark, modern pop with matching grunge-y guitars.

Speaking of the single, Laurberg says: β€œPersonal Letters is about my frustration of not having the nerve to confront people in my life when they do something that hurts me, which ends up in me getting hurt and having my boundaries overstepped time after time. Instead, I keep up finding myself perform angry monologues with myself in the shower in the mornings. That’s Personal Letters.”

Play this one loud!

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