Imani Coppola – Rattle

In 1997, singer, rapper, songwriter and producer Imani Coppola debuted with her fresh, happy and sunny album Chupacabra, where she played most violin, guitar and synth parts herself. How about that for a multi-talent? Her Donovan-sampling single Legend Of A Cowgirl became a huge hit, prompting her record label to demand the artist to make a second sample-heavy album. She refused and was dropped. End of story? One hit wonder? No way!

Coppola took the DIY route and continued making albums. Also, she teamed up with Adam Pallin as Little Jackie (who’s 2008 single The World Should Revolve Around Me is still a gem), and she arranged and played strings for Dido and Hanson.

Now, she’s back in the spotlights again. Ahead of her upcoming album New Protagonist, she just released the dynamic, bold, energetic and ultra-shortΒ single Rattle. An overtly political statement, addressing the current state of the United States.

Coppola says about it: β€œThis is not the time to shy away from difficult subject matters. Now is the time to grab them by the f**king balls. (…) As soon as I took the proverbial earplugs out of my ears, I cried for days. I felt so ashamed for having tried to hide from it. How selfish and foolish of me to not want to be a part of this. I needed to make music as entertaining and upsetting as America itself is right now.”

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