Incubus – Undefeated

Okay, they could have picked a more original title for their upcoming eighth studio album than 8, but boy, am I glad Incubus is back!

Undefeated is an accessible rock song. Too β€˜poppy’ for some of their fans, I read on the internet. I think that’s strange, because Incubus has had mainstream recognition, successful singles and commercial triumphs before. Drive has been streamed almost 100 million times and tracks like Wish You Were Here and Are You In? have been enjoyed by many as well. So let’s please stop looking down upon commercial success, will we? Don’t envy your heroes!

That said, Undefeated is the fourth promotional track to be released ahead of the new album 8, after Glitterbomb, Nimble Bastard and State Of The Art (the second being the official single). Undefeated certainly is the most radio friendly of the four.


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