Inge van Calkar – Get Out Of My Way

Inge van Calkar, a Dutch songstress from the northern town of Groningen, has beefed up her already impressive electropop sound. She wrote her new single with two of the Netherlandsโ€™ most talented songwriters: Radboud Miedema and Gordon Groothedde. The latter produced the song as well.

Get Out Of My Way is about being too modest for your own good. โ€œI have stood in line for too long, waiting for my turn to come. Thatโ€™s outrageous,โ€ says Van Calkar. Sounding rather irritated in the chorus: โ€˜Get Out Of My Way, Liar!โ€™, she is angry with anyone who wants to stop her. โ€œBut just as well Iโ€™m angry with myself, because I was waiting,โ€ she admits.

Luckily, this frustration results in a great pop song with a pounding electro synth riff. It deserves to become just as big a radio hit as her most recent single Touchdown. Both track are taken from Inge van Calkar’s upcoming EP Full Color.

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