Inge van Calkar – Rise

If you’ve been following the Carte Blanche Music blog, you’ll be familiar with Inge van Calkar. This talented singer and songwriter from the northern Dutch city of Groningen featured here more than once. She’s well-known for her smashing white outfits, but especially – and more importantly – for her ultra-catchy electro-pop songs. These are written by herself and ace producer/songwriter Gordon Groothedde.

Inge’s new single Rise has been a few years in the making. Two years ago, she played a part in music theatre spectacle ‘Rise Of The Blue City.’ She also got to write the opening song for the piece, which she performed with Dutch band Alamo Race Track. Now, a new version of this track is out officially. It has different lyrics, and was given a face-lift musically. In 2021, Rise is a pure pop bob, with thick β€˜80s synths, matching the style of her overall repertoire.

A great step forward, both for the song and Inge van Calkar, whose star just keeps rising (pun intended, obviously).

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