Inspector Spacetime – Dansa Og Bánsa

And now for something completely different… Honestly, dance is not a genre you’ll find in large quantities at Carte Blanche Music. Nothing personal. But obviously, as always, there are exceptions to every rule.

Inspector Spacetime are a Reykjavík-based pop trio. More precise:  Egill Gauti Sigurjónsson, Vaka Agnarsdóttir and Elías Geir Óskarsson are three dance-lovers. They released their self-titled debut album, an odd mix of energetic dance tunes and love songs, on 8 January. Drawing inspiration from French and UK dance music, the exciting hyperpop movement, disco and fellow scandi-pop acts, it’s a fun and diverse album.

Dansa Og Bánsa is probably the most hi-NRG tune on the album. It’s definitely the happiest one. Talking to Icelandic site, Inspector Spacetime say about the song: We made it on the first day we officially created the band and just kept throwing vocals on and creating huge choirs of funness. The lyrics are basically ‘I like to dance and bounce and dance and bounce’, so it’s basically a song for children. All our songs are basically songs for children. We make songs to help children practice their grammar. We try to give back, you know?”

When they had nearly finished the track, they decided to add a flute solo to make it a little more extravagant. All in all, it ended up a fun, fantasy-disco song.

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