Intergalactic Lovers – Between The Lines

Speaking of great Belgian bands, hereโ€™s another oneโ€ฆ Intergalactic Lovers consists of singer Lara Chedraoui, Brendan Corbey (drums), Maarten Huygens (guitar) and Raf De Mey (bass).

Scoring moderate hits in their homeland since second single Delay, the big international break-through has yet to come. Will this be the track to accomplish that? At least it should appeal to a lot of people, with a musical heritage that hints to bands like Interpol, Editors, The Cure and New Order.

15 September, Intergalactic Lovers will release their new album. Exhale is already on Spotify, but currently only the single Between The Lines can be played. The video to the track is an homage to Belgian painter Renรฉ Magritte. The clip features ten references to paintings of his. See if you can spot themโ€ฆ


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